Our history

We will now give you an overview of how the previous headquarters of CYRUS in Germany started and what path CYRUS Vibrations Machines India took.

Vibration crusher
Vibration Crusher

1970 1980 The start-up phase
The history of our company began on 11/08/1976, when Mr. Manfred Cyrus established the company CYRUS Vibration Machines India Pvt. Ltd. with headquarters in "Westerholter Weg", Recklinghausen and a production hall in Herten. Manfred Cyrus was employed as a Mechanical Engineer at a renowned large-sized company that manufactured vibrating machines when he realised that the local proximity of his hometown to the foundry, the forging companies and the mines could pave the way to self-employment.

1976: Established Manfred Cyrus Production of vibratory equipment for foundries, forges and the mining industry
1977: Development of the vibration crusher

Cell drive
Cell drive
CYRUS Screener
CYRUS Screener

1980 – 1990 National market penetration
Following a successful first decade, Manfred Cyrus quickly took the first important investment decision. 1991 saw the merging of administration, design and production into one newly built office and production building at Am Stadion 40 in Recklinghausen and the number of employees increased gradually.

Screeners for the animal feed industries
1984: Development of cell drives
1985: Magnetic vibration drives

Mobile charging machine
Mobile charging machine

1990 - 2000 Diversification
To give the expanded company more economic stability, scrap recycling was also added to the foundry and forging industry. Furthermore, a number of developments were brought to existing markets, which significantly increased the brand's reputation.

1991: Mobile charging machines
1992: Launch of products for scrap recycling
1997: Combi crusher
1999: Vibralift for vertical conveying

Dr. Schulte Strathaus

2000 - 2010 Growth phase
Like so many small and medium-sized engineering companies, CYRUS Vibrations India Pvt. Ltd. lacked a suitable successor. In 2003, CYRUS was entirely acquired by the Schulte Strathaus Group of Companies, in Werl. The F. E. Schulte Strathaus GmbH u. Co. KG was originally founded in Unna in 1952 as a trading office and is now in its 2nd generation, led by Dr Michael Schulte Strathaus. The key motivation for this investment was not to achieve short-term success but rather a sustainable, long-term interest in the overall business success.

2003: Acquisition by Schulte Strathaus Group, Werl
2003: Certification of the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001
2005: Resonance trough conveyor
2007: Absorber technology
2008: Electronic gear to adjust the vibration angle
2009: Encoder system for vibration motors


2010 - 2020 Internationalisation
Following the successful integration in the sub-group, besides the headquarters in Recklinghausen, CYRUS India was also established in Pune (India) to target the local market development in India. In 2015 it was decided to double the production capacity, which is currently being implemented. The number of project management staff in the Recklinghausen headquarters was increased from 32 to 38 employees and a growth in sales will push internationalisation even further.

2010: Opening of CYRUS INDIA in Pune
2010: Switch feeder
2013: Circular vibrating screens based on a modular design
2013: Successful execution of our largest project for BMW Group in Landshut
2015: Flip-flow screens
2016: Readiness of own manufacturing facility in chakan
2020: Cyrus Vibrations Machines India becomes an independent entity with a new management team